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Courses and Research Experiences

CALS faculty are dedicated to educating and training the next generation of researchers and scholars in aging and longevity through coursework and undergraduate and graduate research and training opportunities. Below is a list of courses across campus that include an aging,  longevity, or life-cycle component. See the course catalog and departmental websites for details about enrolling in these courses. Contact CALS-affiliated faculty directly for more information about getting involved in their research activities. 


Undergraduate Courses:

ANTH 171 - Evolutionary Medicine

AS AM 136 - Asian American Families

COMM 119 - Communication, Aging, and Later Life

COMM 229 - Intergenerational Communication and Aging

ESS 150 - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

FEMST 154A - Sociology of Families

INT 86FH - Aging & Longevity Studies

MCDB 112 - Principles of Developmental Biology

PSY 151 - Adult Development and Aging

PSY 126 - Hormones and Cognition

SOC 154A - Sociology of the Families


Graduate Courses:

ANTH 245 - Anthropological Demography and Life History

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