Tamara Afifi

Department Chair and Professor

SSMS 4119
Virtual reality with older adults in assisted living to communicate with family living far away; reminiscence therapy

Nicole Alea Albada

Director for Education and Outreach, CALS
Associate Teaching Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

3839 Psychology East
Functions of autobiographical memory across adulthood and cultures, and relations to psychological well-being

Erika Arenas

Assistant Professor, Sociology

SSMS 3123
Migration, discrimination, stratification and health in older adults; Mexican Family Life Survey

Michael Beyeler

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Psychological and Brain Sciences

3201 BioEngineering
Age-related vision loss and accessible technologies

Amy Boddy

Associate Professor, Anthropology

HSSB 2045
Comparative biology of cancer, human cancer in evolutionary perspective

Michael T. Bowers

Distinguished Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chem 4249
Amyloid assembly in age-related neurodegenerative disease

Cesar Cardenas

Adjunct Professor UCSB
Associate Professor
Geroscience Center for Brain Health and Metabolism
University of Chile

Role of mitochondria in cellular senescence, development of drugs that extend healthspan, identification of senescence biomarkers

Anthony De Tomaso

Professor, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

1107 Life Sciences
Aging and regeneration in basal chordates

Siddharth Dey

Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering
Biological Engineering

3008 BioE
Epigenetic mechanisms of aging

Stuart Feinstein

Professor, Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology

Office: 5123A Biology II
Alzheimer's and age-related neurodegenerative disease

Stephanie Fox

Postdoctoral Scholar, Integrative Anthropological Sciences

Links sociality, health, and survival in humans and non-human primates

San Juanita Garcia

Assistant Professor, Chicana & Chicano Studies

South Hall 1708
Immigration and sociology of mental health

Brooke Gardner

Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

1117 Life Sciences
The role of peroxisome dysfunction in aging-related diseases

Howard Giles

Distinguished Research Professor, Department of Communication

SSMS 4123
Empowering individuals across the lifespan

Song-I Han

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemical Engineering

PSBN 4614
Age-related tau aggregation in age-related neurodegenerative disease

Paul Hansma

Professor Emeritus, Physics

Broida 2411
Maximizing bone health and detection of age-related bone loss. Development of biofeedback systems to reduce chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia in aging individuals.

Suma Ikeuchi

Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies

HSSB 2254
Politics of eldercare in aging societies with a focus on Japan

Emily Jacobs

Associate Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Psychology East, Room 3818
Effects of menopause and age-related reproductive hormone changes on dementia and cognition

Amy Jamieson

Department Chair and Senior Lecturer
Exercise & Sport Studies

Promotion of wellness over the lifespan, exercise prescription, nutrition for health and healthy behaviors.

Pradeep Joshi

Senior Scientist and Director of Scientific Communication, CALS

2125 Biological Sciences II
Aging and longevity research; analysis and communication of rigorous evidence-based intervention in aging and lifespan extension.

Kenneth S. Kosik

Distinguished Professor
Harriman Professor of Neuroscience
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

6139A Biology II
Alzheimer's and age-related neurodegenerative disease

Ebenezer Larnyo

Postdoctoral Scholar in Data Science
Center for Black Studies Research at UC Santa Barbara

4506 South Hall
Effect of socioeconomic status, structural, and tecno-cultural determinants on the quality of life of older adults

Michael Ludkovski

Professor, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability

South Hall 5520
Statistical analysis of age-specific longevity; actuarial perspectives on longevity trends and associated uncertainty; modeling of longevity by cause-of-death, socioeconomic factors, and regional jurisdictions

Nina Miolane

Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

3155 Harold Frank Hall
Revealing the fundamental principles of healthy and pathological aging with artificial intelligence (AI)

Craig Montell

Duggan Professor and Distinguished Professor
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

4130-F Biology II
Impact of aging on the senses and animal behavior

Denise J. Montell

Duggan Professor and Distinguished Professor
Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

4130-I Biology II
Revitalizing dying cells

Daniel E. Morse

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

3155 Marine Biotechnology
Protein mechanisms of Alzheimer's and age-related degenerative diseases

Chris Richardson

Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

1115 Life Sciences
DNA repair in aging

Joel Rothman

Director and Founder, CALS
Distinguished Professor
Wilcox Family Chair in Biotechnology
Director, Biomolecular Science and Engineering

3137 Biology II
Mechanisms of aging, longevity, and resilience

Heather Royer

Professor, Department of Economics

North Hall 2020
Promotion of healthy behaviors

Joan-Emma Shea

Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chem 4130
Mechanisms of tauopathies and aging-related amyloidoses

Ambuj Singh

Computer Science
Biomolecular Science and Engineering

3119 Engineering I
Understanding aging processes from analysis of brain data

Misha Sra

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

2151 Harold Frank Hall
Age-related changes in physical abilities and accessible technologies

Karen Szumlinski

Psychological & Brain Sciences
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

2816 Building 251
Life-span analysis of the molecular mechanisms of cognitive impairment caused by environmental insults and targeting pharmacotherapeutics for its reversal

Diana Thomas

Administrative Coordinator

Life Science Building Room 2107
Administrative Coordinator for CALS

Nicole Thompson Gonzalez

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Changes in social relationships and integration with aging in non-human primates and across human cultures. Influences of social environments and their disparities on age-related inflammation.

Thomas Weimbs

Professor, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

2113 Life Sciences
Metabolic therapies in extension of healthspan and lifespan

Max Wilson

Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

3127 Biology II
Systems level mechanisms of cellular dysfunction caused by age-related decline and mechanisms for reversal

Soojin Yi

Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology

4107 Life Science Building
Cellular and epigenetic mechanisms of aging, evolution and age-related diseases

Armen Zakarian

Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Medicinal synthetic chemistry directed at biological processes involved in senescence, longevity, and aging